The intangible benefits of investment

Over the last week or two, I’ve been noticing things that help me feel that my new institution is investing in me. A big one is my lab space, which was done incredibly well and was also ready for my lab manager and me to move into right at the beginning of the fall semester. A smaller thing is my laptop; my university gave me some money to buy equipment as soon as I showed up, so I get to type this blog post on a shiny new computer. A lot of the time when I use this computer, I’m reminded that my school gave me something because they want me to succeed. I’ll probably stop thinking of it this way eventually, and I know that all my warm fuzzy feelings will almost certainly morph into some kind of more balanced evaluation of this place at some point, but right now it just feels really nice to feel like my school expects me to stick around for a while and is trying to help me achieve that goal.


Author: Happy Balloon

I am a new assistant professor in a STEM field at a research university. If you think you've figured out my actual name (which, sadly, is not Happy Balloon), please refrain from posting it anywhere here. But please do feel free to post all manner of other comments!