Moving is exhausting

A lot of things happened since last I wrote:

  • I had to say goodbye to a bunch of people I love in my old location. This was awfully sad, although also good, in the sense that it would be much sadder if I wasn’t sad to say goodbye to anyone.
  • I had to say goodbye to the place where I lived, by which I mostly mean my apartment but also the city. This was also sad, especially because this was the place where I had lived the longest — longer, certainly, than anywhere I lived when I was a child. It was also the first place to which I chose to move (as opposed to moving because my parents decided to move our family, for example), and the city felt mine more than any other place where I had lived.
  • An excellent team of movers packed up all my stuff and my partner’s stuff and very nicely moved it for us.
  • My partner and I dug ourselves out from underneath the many, many boxes that the excellent movers moved for us.
  • And we even hung art on the walls and stuff! The apartment is mostly put away now, which I think is pretty fast for most people (it took us two weeks of doing almost nothing other than moving), but made me very antsy toward the end. I was really, really done with all the clutter everywhere, and I think everyone is relieved that the time at which I hit my “I am done with this” point coincided pretty closely with the time at which the unpacking-and-putting-everything-away process actually got done.

So here I am, at a new institution and in a new city. Time for new adventures!



Author: Happy Balloon

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