E-mail and sleep do not mix well

I used to find it relaxing to check e-mail before bed. There wouldn’t be anything there, or there would be things from friends, or sometimes there would be work things that I could ignore until the next day.

Trying to transition to a faculty position has shown me over and over again that checking e-mail right before bed is a terrible idea, but unfortunately that hasn’t helped me break that habit. Right now, I am awake an hour after I decided to go to bed because I found a lovely message in my inbox from someone who is trying to help me set things up at my new job. It really is quite a lovely thing that my colleague is doing for me, but seeing that e-mail at the end of the day made me feel overwhelmed by the amount of things that I need to do to have a functioning lab. So I’m still awake and feeling overwhelmed because I’m stupid about e-mail.

Is anyone reading this? If so, do you feel like sharing your e-mail habits/horror stories/strategies in the comments? I would love some blog company!


Author: Happy Balloon

I am a new assistant professor in a STEM field at a research university. If you think you've figured out my actual name (which, sadly, is not Happy Balloon), please refrain from posting it anywhere here. But please do feel free to post all manner of other comments!