More about me

In addition to all the things I put in my previous post (like being a person who likes balloons and lists), I am also a post doc in a STEM field. I’m actually transitioning out of that job and into a faculty appointment, which I will start this summer/fall. My new position will be at a research-intensive school, and also it will be my first year and everything, so I’m not sure how much time that will leave for blogging. But also, if I’m going to start a blog, doing it at the beginning of a career stage could be a useful thing. That way, it can be a record of what it’s like to go from being a super new assistant professor to being a … whatever I am when I stop writing here.


Author: Happy Balloon

I am a new assistant professor in a STEM field at a research university. If you think you've figured out my actual name (which, sadly, is not Happy Balloon), please refrain from posting it anywhere here. But please do feel free to post all manner of other comments!